Cycling workouts

The only 4 cycling workouts you really need

There are as many ways to train as there are coaches, plans, online articles and books.

Even seasoned riders can get lost in the sea of intensity zones, HIIT workouts, mobility moves, plyometrics, strength work and core training.

That’s because coaching and training advice trickles down from the professional tiers, where you need meticulously monitored training plans to squeeze out every potential watt for even the smallest marginal gains.

But for the average rider who just wants to get fit and pick up some speed and stamina to hang with (or hammer with) their usual riding crew, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

The first step, of course, is to ride your bike! That lays your foundation.

Then build on it by hitting the following training high notes to develop strength, speed, mobility, and stability.

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