More realistic running

5 Tips for Stronger, More Realistic Running

“I can’t run,” “I hate running,” “I always get injured” and so on. Having coached hundreds of athletes I have heard it all when it comes to running. So many times I get asked, “How do you run so fast?” I can tell you, it wasn’t an overnight occurrence. It took a long time to build up the foundation, speed and fitness to be able to run mile after mile at a strong effort. I find, in the athletes I coach, that many are unrealistic when it comes to running. The athlete thinks he or she is capable of running a lot faster than they really are. When they go out for a run, they take it out from the onset at this “aggressive” effort and top out early on in the run, become injured, or get frustrated and quit. Whereas, if that athlete was realistic with their ability, they would be able to complete the run, feel accomplished, stay healthy and remain consistent, which leads to gains.

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